Frequently Asked Questions

A website is your virtual home base. Social media sites are a great way to connect with others, but they limit your ability to unveil the various facets of your brand and to utilize many powerful web applications that can enhance the services you offer and your ability to provide them. With a website, the possibilities are truly limitless. Unlike Facebook and other social media outlets,  with a website you are not confined to the structure of another service, but instead are free to sculpt your site in whatever manner your wish. This allows you to better control your image, target your audience, exchange ideas, and present or sell your services in whatever manner you choose. At the same time, you can incorporate social media into your website to any degree you like. A website is your definitive web presence and is where people go from social media to learn more about you. Having a website provides an anchor for all your online endeavors, builds your credibility and boosts public confidence in your brand.

The amount of time required to go from conception to a live site depends on a number of factors like site complexity, one’s clarity about what they want and content production requirements. With our special web packages we generally aim to have a functioning mock-up of a site ready two weeks after a design is agreed upon and depending on the nature and number of any requested changes it could be ready to go live as early as that day.

Launch times for websites utilizing additional or advanced services often require more time. How much is determined by the specific factors involved, which will be discussed during your initial consultation. Once a decision is made to move forward with a project, we will provide a clear date ( or several dates depending on the project) in which agreed upon milestones can be expected. We also provide a priority rush service if site completion is urgent.

Absolutely! While meeting in person is often desirable, it is not a requirement for the clear exchange of ideas. Modern technology and effective communication essentially eliminate the barrier of distance. Wherever you are in the world, we can help you!

No problem! Site design is what we do! As long as we are clear about your site’s purpose, audience and goals we can work out the rest. And even if you are unclear or uncertain about your aims we are here and able help you understand the benefits of a site and identify a sound marketing strategy.

Unless otherwise determined, after a design has been agreed upon, we provide two moderate changes and an indeterminate amount of smaller changes, within reason, in the contract rate. Additional changes—unless they are a result of an error on our part—will incur additional fees.

Fifty percent of the contract rate is due upon signing the agreement and the remainder is due upon completion. We do not provide monthly payment options other than for hosting and maintenance service fees, which are billed in six or twelve month blocks.

We accept payments via Paypal or credit card.

At heart, we are artists. As such, we enjoy making art, some of which makes it way onto limited edition advertisement posters, which, if you live in Mexico City, can occasionally be found on the city walls and sometimes are available for purchase on our site.