All sites begin with a free consultation in which we discuss your ideas and needs, answer questions, identify the best approach to take for your particular project and determine rates. If you are in or near Mexico City we are happy to meet with you in person; if not, a consultation over the phone or Skype is just as effective. In fact, the entire process can easily be done remotely.


We aim to develop your ideas into a user-friendly, intuitive, pragmatic and aesthetically exhilarating website that exceeds your expectations as an artist or small business owner. Accomplishing this is a matter of communication, experimentation, and creativity. After the initial consultation in which we identify the aims of your site, your target audience, and develop a sound strategy for reaching them; we will begin the process of creating a stylish aesthetic appropriate for your particular needs and craft the required code that powers it. During this phase we will provide various mock-ups, work with you to identify improvements, and make the needed changes until we’ve got it right.


When we first set up your site we will either work with your current host or arrange the service for you (depending on your needs), as well as register your domain(s). Once your website is up and running, we will gladly walk you though it and show you how it works and how to keep it updated. For those that prefer not to trouble themselves with site maintenance, we can provide that service for you.

Each of our core services are included with every website we build. These core services cover all the basics and create a solid foundation for the development of a website that supports all the features expected from a contemporary website.

Advanced features allow for the development of specialized websites designed to meet your specific needs. Depending on what your particular goals are, adding one or more of our advanced features will help you achieve them. Unless specified otherwise, rates for advanced features are not included in our packages and are determined based on the amount of work and resources your project will require. Contact us to discuss details!